De Schoone Weide has built a good reputation as a training facility from the start. The stallion Jelmer was approved the first year and stood at stud in Nijega. Many others followed later but not all were registered in the studbook.

Leffert arrived in Nijega as a three year-old stallion. He was trained and presented for approval, and after a thorough inspection in Ermelo, Leffert was registered as a breeding stallion. He has remained in Nijega all these years, where he was always trained and shown. He demonstrated success multiple times in driving and achieved Z-level dressage. In addition, he was twice declared Overall Champion of the Stallion Keuring. Furthermore, he always achieved First Premium and almost always rated 1A. In the meantime, Leffert is 19 years old and is still playful and happy in Nijega. The stallions Wisse and Arjen were also prepared for their keurings at De Schoone Weide. Leffert and Arjen are standing at stud, too, something in which we take pride.

De Schoone Weide accepts mares and stallions for keuring preparation. Mares are accepted from May to September. Most of the keurings and the big Breeding Days events in Drachten are well attended. Please register in time, as space is limited! Stallions are accepted from 1 September. Upon selection, stallions are first x-rayed and then put in training.